Angela Bines
Emily Breister
Erin Gretzinger
Lily Heil
Joua Lee
Eva Korb
Megan Kreuger
Emily Quinn
Jenna Quinn
Emma Pitsch
Chloe Sawall
Claire Sawall
Megan Scanlon
Claudia Smith
Alison Zastrow

Please INITIAL next to your name to indicate acceptance.

First meeting / rehearsal:
Wednesday, Oct. 3: 3:30 - 5:30

Thank you to all who auditioned.
Decisions like this are never easy.

If you have questions or want any feedback,
please feel free to talk to Mr. Van Sickle.

Link to Google Folder for downloading tracks

Audition Excerpt:

All Vocal Parts Balanced:
Soprano 1:
Soprano 2:
Alto 1:
Alto 2:
Vocal Percussion:

What to prepare for the audition:
  • Prepare a 30 second solo (unaccompanied) that shows off your voice. Do not sing anything classical (sing pop music, musical theater, songs from radio, etc.)

  • If you are auditioning as a singer prepare at least TWO parts to the attached excerpts ("Elastic Heart”)

  • If you are auditioning to beatbox ONLY, prepare the vocal percussion part. Please add any other drum patterns/get creative so we can see what you can do.

  • If you are auditioning for both singing and beatboxing prepare at least ONE vocal part AND the vocal percussion part.

  • Be prepared to vocalize throughout your range

  • Tonal Recall – Mr. V will play pitches on the piano and you will sing what you hear.

  • Fill out the audition form.