Thank you to all that auditioned. The decisions were EXTREMELY difficult to make this year. Please see Miss Schuld with any questions or concerns.
If your name is on the list and you'd like to participate, please write your initials next to your name on the sheet outside the choir room to confirm your participation no later than next Wednesday, October 7th. If you do not write your initials next to your name your spot may be opened up to another student.
If you have a scheduling conflict with the rehearsal times, see Miss Schuld ASAP. This means you may not be able to participate this year.
If you are participating in the a cappella groups, friend Miss Schuld (Katie Schuld) on Facebook so she can add you to your respective a cappella group facebook page. Check the facebook page often as important announcements are posted. Let Miss Schuld know if you do not have a facebook account.

Insongniacs will have their first meeting on Thursday, October 8th from 3:30-5:00PM in the choir room
Dynamics will have their first meeting on Tuesday, October 27th from 6:00-7:00PM in the choir room
DoReMigos will have their first meeting on Monday, October 19th from 6:00-7:00PM in the choir room.

Appleton East A Cappella Ensembles 2015-2016
Please initial next to your name to confirm your participation in the group. If you have a scheduling conflict, see Miss Schuld ASAP. If you do not write your initials next your name, your spot will be opened and could be filled with someone else.
Aimee Grimmer

Aaliyah Mendoza

Anthony Lee

Ali Borsche

Abilynn Heule

Brad Jones

Cambria Loomans

Alison Zastrow

Brady Reichardt

Chloe Dercks

Allison Burns

Collin Papenfuss

Claire Sawall

Andrea Mendoza

Connor Vandenheuval

Eva Korb

Angela Bines

Gavin Mealy

Jada Boone

Ash Evans

Hunter Fritsch

Jenna Buchberger

Ashley Vaughan

Ian Zimmers-Kraft

Kimberlee Thor

Athena Thao

Isaiah Savoie

Madi Rinn

Che Lia Lee

Jason Heil

Megan Scanlon

Crystal Vang

Jason Shebilske

Meghan Baumler

Emily Breister

Max Johnson

Michaela Lemons

Emma Schuff

Max Rinn

Nouchee Thao

Hannah Ceccon

Maxwell Schiltz

Olyvia Hietpas

Joua Lee

Paj Vuam Lo

Rachel Bednarowski

Julie Quinn

Peter Sieck

Sammi Scaletty

Kaitlyn Burt

Riley Robinson

Lizzy Charais

Sam Jorgensen

Maria Serna

Santiny Lee

Megan Turner

Tom Bentein

Mercedez Fredericks

Theresa Gagnon

Insongniacs will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-5:30 during regular season

Dynamics will meet on Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00PM all year

DoReMigos will meet on Mondays from 6:00-8:00PM all year

Insongniacs will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-6:30 during competition season (January-April)


**All practice track recordings are on this page, or in this Google Drive Folder

Male Audition Excerpt: All Vocal Parts Balanced: Tenor 1 (sung in the correct octave):Tenor 2 (sung in the correct octave):Baritone (sung an octave higher than written):Bass (sung an octave higher than written):Vocal Percussion:

Female Audition Excerpt:
All Vocal Parts Balanced:
Soprano 1:
Soprano 2:
Alto 1:
Alto 2:
Vocal Percussion:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - 9/21, 9/22, 9/23
Callbacks – Thursday 9/24 – 3:45-5:00PM

What to prepare for the audition:

  1. Prepare a 30 second solo (unaccompanied) that shows off your voice. Do not sing anything classical (sing pop music, musical theater, songs from radio, etc.)
  2. If you are auditioning as a singer prepare at least TWO parts to the attached excerpts (“Believe” for the guys and "Elastic Heart” for the ladies)
If you are auditioning to beatbox ONLY, prepare the vocal percussion part.
Please add any other drum patterns/get creative so Miss Schuld can see what you can do.
If you are auditioning for both singing and beatboxing prepare at least ONE vocal part AND the vocal percussion part.

  1. Be prepared to vocalize throughout your range
  2. Tonal Recall – Miss Schuld will play pitches on the piano and you will sing what you hear.
  3. Fill out the audition form – bring your calendar/planners so you can write when you are and are not available to rehearse You’ll get the form at the audition

How to prepare for the audition:
Miss Schuld has created practice tracks with recordings of every voice part. There are two ways to access these tracks and other resources:
1. Go to to access a Google Drive Folder with all the practice tracks.
From there you can download the audio files to your own devices!
2. Go to
__www.aechoirs.com__ and find the “A CAPPELLA AUDITIONS” page.
Practice tracks and resources are there for you to use as much as you want!


Sign up for an audition slot:
Each individual audition takes 8 minutes. You will be signed up with two other people – all three of you will come back in and sing the excerpt in different combinations. Your total audition time will be about 15 minutes.

How will I know if I get called back and what happens if I get called back?
Callbacks will be posted on the “A CAPPELLA AUDITIONS” page on They will also be posted outside the choir room door as soon as they are known. If your name is on the list, please come to the callbacks on Thursday, 9/24 from 3:45-5:00PM. You may be asked to sing the audition excerpt with many other people or alone – be ready to sing the parts you prepared and be flexible and sing the other parts if asked (it will help you to be familiar with all the parts)

Expectations of the A Cappella Ensembles

Being a member of these groups is a special opportunity and should be taken seriously. Miss Schuld is looking for the following qualities. Do your best to showcase these qualities inside and outside of your audition. Your attitude and work ethic in choir class or other music classes makes an impression on your overall eligibility for these ensembles!

The a cappella groups will be singing contemporary music that includes pop, rock, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, dubstep, and many other genres. The group may include choreography and may require a purchase of specific outfit pieces.

Therefore, as a member of the group, you will make it a priority, and:

-Attend all rehearsals (if by your conflict schedule you are not readily available for rehearsals that may be reason for your ineligibility to participate in the groups)
-Participate in all performances and competitions
(may require a travel cost)
-Practice on your own outside of rehearsal
-Come prepared to all rehearsals (arrive on time, with music learned)
-Have a positive attitude
-Take constructive criticism
-Put the group before yourself
-Be willing to try new things – take risks!
-Be a leader
-Listen and communicate well
-Be ready to work hard

If all members take these expectations to heart, the group will definitely be SUCCESSFUL and FUN!

Please see Miss Schuld if you have any further questions or concerns!